Wallace g

Her Touch is connectivity, communication through touch, massage and bodywork
Latonya has a heart of passion and she communicates it well. Each treatment has been truly nourishment for me as a dialysis patient. I recommend everyone to treat yourself at least once in relaxing environment.

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Dorothy S

Leg pain? This will be your last stop.

I had been everywhere for pain in legs for relief. My last stop was to Kingdom Healing Stone and I am so thankful for the care and patience that I received. I would highly recommend Kingdom Healing Stone to everyone.

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Lamonica S

Relax and release

I was looking for a way to relax and release tension prior to my visit. I literally felt my body releasing all the tension that had built up over the last few months.

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Iris Nance


Every time I go, I am so relaxed that I unconsciously start snoring. Now that is what I called an out of body experience! And told my husband to only get my massage gift certificates from Kingdom Healing Stone.

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Dorothy Smith

Looking for Peace
The environment was so peaceful and relaxing that I actually fell asleep. The combination of the view of the water and the expertise of my masseuse was extremely calming.

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