Dani H

Very Nice
I went to use a gift card I had received. It was a very pleasant experience. Nice, professional and LaTonya did a great job. After a few minutes she had me wishing I had upgraded. She relieved a lot of stress in a very short time.

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hands on
The masseuse Was very professional look forward to the next appointment everyone should try it once

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Francinia Harrison

An amazing and relaxing massage!
The only person who can get my Type A personality to relax, slip into a sleep, get healthy and get restored in 30 – 60 mins. A needed treat for busy and time starved professionals.

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Mary M

I had the pleasure of being treated to a massage by LaTonya! My massage was great, the atmosphere was relaxing, the service was professional. I will definitely be going back.

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LaShawn G

Definitely a Type A personality person and I immensely enjoyed my time of relaxation. I can’t wait until my next “escape”. The wealth of knowledge and information that was also shared concerning my body and personality was much needed. This is definitely a treat for your mind, body and soul. Take time out of your […]

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Corey Garlic

I absolutely loved it!!
This massage was exactly what I needed. My sinuses were bothering me at the time of my appointment. Before I received my full body massage, LaTonya massaged my face & the pressure I was feeling went away. I was amazed! The atmosphere, music, heated table, the aromas, & LaTonya’s gift made my […]

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Gary (Ju JU) Garlic

5th Visit
Yesterday I had a great massage! It was the best I’ve had in a long time. My therapist was very informative and explained why certain techniques were best for my body. She also laid out a plan to help me reach my goals! More than just a massage. GREAT WORK!

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Joy Wansley

Fantastic Massage
My Massage was relaxing, targeted, comfortable, and much needed. I slept so soundly for days afterwards. I really relish the fact that Latonya explains what she does and how it affects the body. She educated me about my body and how I need to listen to it more. Thank You Latonya….you are a Blessing […]

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Adiya Johnson

More than JUST a Massage
My first experience at Kingdom Healing Massage was excellent from beginning to end. I had to reschedule my original appointment and they were very accomodating. My therapist was personal and professional. I was skeptical because my visit was a gift for a 30 minute session and I am used to 90. […]

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Melissa Lee

The experience was awesome
It was the best was to start my birthday My body was released and unstressed I need another one. I entend to come back to try the other types of massages I’ve told my husband friends sisters and it was truly and experiance and I want to purchase some of that oil […]

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